The Anatomy of a Handbag


A handbag is a woman's best friend, but it's also a woman's worst enemy. Think of a handbag like a toolbox. It has everything you need right there at your fingertips. But, if you have too many useless bolts and screwdrivers, it will become a cluttered disaster. You know what I'm saying: the Cluttered Handbag from Hell. Trust me, we've all been there.

Recently, I decided to clean out my own handbag and organize with only what I think is a "necessity". So, here's a quick peek into my bag, to give you an idea of what you should really have in your bag.

image1   image7

The Handbag: My handbag is a medium-sized top handle purse from Louis Vuitton. It's a zip-up, all black with gold hardware. It also has a black, removable shoulder strap in case you aren't a fan of top handles. For me, it's the perfect size because it fits nicely on my shoulder - though, I mostly hold it on my arm (bent-elbow style). The interior is light brown and, like the exterior, has a pattern of the LV logo. It's spacious and has two compartments - one larger, one smaller - for a cell phone or other small items, like pens or lip glosses.


Make-up Bag: It is always a good idea to keep a small bag of your crucial make-up products tucked in your bag, just in case of emergency. In my bag, I've included:

- Covergirl Bombshell Volume by Lashblast mascara

- Lip Medex Blistex lip balm

- Geurlain lipstick in 143 Rouge Automatique

- SolTerre lotion (aka hotel hand lotion)

- travel sized container of Tums Freshers

- a small container of Aleve pills

- a few bobby pins

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Gum & Mints: I always like to keep a package of gum and a bottle of mint Tic Tacs in my purse, just in case I feel a little less than minty and I need to freshen up my breath. Currently, my favourite gum is Excel White in Bubblemint flavour. It's a great mix of mint and bubblegum.


Wallet: I think it goes without saying that you should keep your wallet in your purse. A lot of people don't think of carrying their wallet around with them everywhere, especially if they aren't going to shop anywhere or if they don't have a driver's license (obviously you have to bring your driver's license everywhere if you're driving). But it's just a good idea to keep your wallet on you in case you run into trouble and have an emergency on your hands. In my wallet, I usually keep about $30 in cash, my debit card, my OHIP card (which, as a citizen of Ontario, is crucial for me to recieve any kind of medical attention), my student I.D. card, my Starbucks rewards card and any reward cards I have for any stores (i.e. American Eagle's 'aerewards' card).


Sunglasses: It is so important for everyone to wear sunglasses outside. The sun does so much damage to your eyes and especially in the summer, you should take care of your eyes with a cute pair of sunnies. It's also probably a good idea to keep your sunglasses in a case in your purse, so that your sunglasses don't get crushed by everything else.

Hopefully this little blog post helped some of you out! If anyone thinks of any other helpful tips or anything else that should be included, just let everyone else know! Thanks for readng, Happy handbag organizing!!