Why I Cancelled My Ipsy Subscription


After months of disappointment and a constant nagging in the back of my mind, last month I finally made the decision to cancel my Ipsy subscription. In my six months of being a member, I came across a few issues that ultimately led me to make the decision to close my account and I wanted to go through them one-by-one.


As anyone with a subscription would know when you first sign up for Ipsy, you fill out a questionnaire about your preferences and physical traits that help to personalise the products that you receive in each Glambag. After filling out the questionnaire, I feel like it didn't really make much of a difference to the products I received. I'd specified that I didn't want to receive hair products (knowing that sample-sized goodies weren't going to do anything for my thick hair) but I got at least one hair product per month anyway.


As the months went on, the quality of the products I received got visibly worse and worse. I started to notice the quality was going down when I received a matte liquid lipstick that made my lips crack and dry out immediately after putting on the product. But the last straw was all the bristles falling out of a brand new face brush in my May bag. It was extremely disappointing, honestly.


One of the biggest issues that lead me to end my Ipsy subscription was the cost. Although it costs $10/month for most since I'm Canadian there is an extra shipping fee attached and altogether I was paying $20/month in Canadian dollars. A few months back, I started to think about if the price I was paying was worth the products, and I realised it wasn't. Out of the products I was receiving per month, I only really loved a few and it would have been cheaper to buy them full-sized individually.


Overall, I just fell out of love with my monthly bag of Ipsy goodies, although I wish it wasn't so. As a university student, I have a lot of things to be concerned about, particularly money-wise (food, gas, school supplies) and even if I were to allow $20 for make-up every month, I could certainly get more for money if I were buying from the drugstore as opposed to from the Ipsy subscription.

None of this is to say that I had a necessarily bad experience with Ipsy. In all six months of my membership, I never had a problem with being billed or with shipping. For the most part, the products were pretty good and although they weren't suited for me, they could've been suited for someone else. I'm a firm believer in doing research before committing to a service or product (hence why I made this post), but I definitely think that a service can be experienced in many different ways, and it's up to you to figure out if it suits your own personal needs!